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Shelter Nova Scotia COVID Update January 4, 2022

As cases climb throughout the province, Shelter Nova Scotia is, unfortunately, facing a number of challenges related to the latest wave of the pandemic.

Metro Turning Point

Saturday evening a positive case of COVID-19 was identified at Metro Turning Point, our emergency shelter for male-identifying and nonbinary individuals. Following rapid testing of the remaining guests, six positive cases were identified.

Five of the guests who tested positive are isolating and recovering in hotel rooms. One person has been admitted to hospital. All remaining guests at the shelter are required to isolate on site until midnight Wednesday January 12th and are following public health's testing guidelines.

Since Metro Turning Point is an exposure site, Shelter Nova Scotia is suspending all new intakes and will reassess the situation after the isolation period. We will provide information on any changes to intake abilities. Please note that our harm reduction window will also remain closed to reduce traffic and limit potential exposures.

We are following health and safety recommendations and Public Health is working closely with us to provide recommendations and to facilitate PCR testing for employees and guests periodically throughout isolation.

Housing Hub

Shelter Nova Scotia has also temporarily closed drop-in hours at our Housing Hub at 5506 Cunard St. Help is still available to those in need by scheduling an appointment to use the shower and laundry facilities, pick up food, or speak with a housing support worker.

If you need assistance, please call or text 902-229-2692

Everyone's health and safety is important to us. Please wear a mask during your scheduled visit and reschedule if you are feeling sick.

Adopt-A-Meal Donations

Volunteers preparing meals for any of our facilities are asked to do contactless drop-off. When you arrive at the location for which you are providing the pre-arranged meal, please remain in your car, call the facility, and staff will collect the donation from you at your vehicle.

If you have had an exposure risk, are experiencing symptoms, or are uncomfortable doing a donation at this time, please reschedule your Adopt-A-Meal date.

If you would like to contribute to the Adopt-A-Meal program with either a financial donation or by providing a meal for our guests, tenants, and residents, please email

To Help

If you would like to support Shelter Nova Scotia and help the people we serve, we ask that you not drop donations at any of our locations at this time.

Financial donations can be made online at Selecting items from our Care & Comfort Wish List provides the funds to purchase much needed clothing, hygiene products, food, and other supplies.

Thank you to everyone for your support

Shelter Nova Scotia is so grateful to our employees, meal volunteers, donors, champions, Board members, and community supporters for your help and best wishes.

Employees have been working hard to support guests, residents, tenants, and community clients at all our facilities and programs. We want to help keep one another safe during this challenging and uncertain time. Thank you to all our staff who have been there working through this.

Stay safe everyone.

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