Cooking Class

We love your home-cooking! Sign-up today to become an Adopt-a-Meal volunteer and choose the facility (or facilities) you'd like to cook for and the date of drop-off.

We also encourage people to give a monetary donation via our Donate page to allow us to provide grocery store gift cards and pre-ordered meals from local restaurants for the individuals staying with us. 

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Joan's Table is a third-party initiative run by Catherine Woodman and her daughter Maura. They organize meal donations for our facility in Spryfield, Herring Cove Apartments.


For more information please visit

Chef's Kitchen
Chef at Work

Other Volunteer Opportunities

For now, all other volunteer opportunities are closed, as we follow COVID safety protocols. 

In the future, we will be accepting applications to volunteer again. You must be 19 years of age or older to volunteer on-site with Shelter Nova Scotia.

We have weekly and monthly volunteer opportunities. Examples include:

The Meal Support Volunteer – you support Shelter Nova Scotia’s six facilities in providing meals to the folks we serve.  The tasks involved will vary, but the main goal is to provide meal support to the Client Support Workers on shift and keep the kitchen and common area clean and sanitized. 

This position requires strong attention to detail and food safety, as well as working under pressure to cook and serve a meal for 30 emergency shelter guests who stay with us at Metro Turning Point. Our goal is to provide meals that bring nourishment, comfort and fullness to the guests, while they have a safe and dignified experience. 

Cleaning Products

Cleaning – we provide a night of rest to 106 people, at six different facilities, so there is always cleaning to be done.

Sign up for weekly 2 hour shifts to help with our house keeping.

We offer flexible scheduling and an opportunity to use your talents and gift of time to contribute to the Shelter Nova Scotia Community.