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Affordable, Supportive Housing

We believe housing is a primary need, other issues that may affect an individual can be addressed once housing is secured. It's because of this that we proudly own and operate two affordable, supportive apartments, providing a home to 31 individuals and ending years of chronic homelessness. 

We believe in supporting people in a nonjudgemental environment while promoting compassion and dignity. We believe in a harm-reduction model that enables us to serve people experiencing multiple barriers.

Basic needs

Abraham Maslow, Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs 1943 

On May 14, 2012 our 19-unit apartment building opened. After opening, a contest was held, allowing our first tenants to name it. The winning submission, "The Rebuilding", was selected for what it represents - the tenant insightfully chose this name because the space represents where they are ‘rebuilding’ their lives.

The Rebuilding - est. 2012

Currently, The Rebuilding is a supported apartment complex for 19 individuals who identify as male. It offers individual housing for tenants referred from the community "by name" list who have barriers to maintaining stable housing and require support services. Employees are available to support tenants on a 24/7 basis and are on-site daily. The building has a mix of bachelor and one bedroom units that come fully furnished. Some meals are provided through donation programs such as Adopt-A-Meal and the now expanded Joan's Table initiative.  The facility also has a common room and shared laundry machines, as well as internet and telephone access.

The Rebuilding interesting facts:

• Currently the youngest tenant is 36 and the oldest is 69 (2022)

• The tenants at The Rebuilding rely heavily on the food resources in the community because  federal and provincial government funding does not cover food costs. 

• The Nook Espresso Bar & Lounge has a unique token program in which customers purchase tokens to be used by anyone who needs a meal. The restaurant ensures tokens are delivered to the tenants so they can visit and have a free meal.

The ReBuilding

Food security now exists at Herring Cove Apartments because of Joan's Table, a volunteer led "adopt-a-meal" program run by  mother and daughter team, Catherine and Maura Woodman.

Joan's Table Quick Facts

  • The group has provided more than  650 meals

  • Has more than 200 volunteers 

  • Have donated  approximately $10K to Shelter Nova Scotia in the last year alone

  • Recently announced they are expanding the program to support food security at The Rebuilding


More info on Joan's Table here

Herring Cove Apartments - est. 2015


Herring Cove Apartments is a supported living environment for individuals who identify as male and are experiencing long term Alcohol Use Disorder and have a history of homelessness. We provide supported, affordable housing to up to 12 people in the form of shared apartments, enabling our tenants to create a sense of community.

Through intensive 24/7 on site support, tenants are able to develop personal goals related to meaningful daily activity, social relationships and networks. Tenants are also given assistance with medication management, support to ensure rent and bills are paid and crisis intervention. We offer minimal barrier, high tolerance housing in a harm reduction environment. With a goal of eviction prevention, employees support individuals with long term Alcohol Use Disorder for whom traditional recovery methods have not been successful.

Herring Cove Apartments
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