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Who is Shelter Nova Scotia?

Our Mission:  To provide a place to stay and services to promote stability for marginalized individuals.


Our Vision:  A community without judgement with spaces and places for people to belong.

We believe, with your help, and our guiding principles (people and housing first), we can connect with the individuals we serve in ways that help them experience a better life. We do this by aiming high, reaching far, and working tirelessly. Shelter Nova Scotia is here – without judgement – to help.

Shelter Nova Scotia supports people in times of crisis and transition through residential, trustee and outreach programs.  To this end,  we operate seven facilities in the HRM – six over-night plus our drop-in Hub Resource Centre, providing a night of rest to 106 people and providing support to hundreds more, 365 days a year. We offer far more than shelter; utilizing client and housing support workers in tandem with our colleagues working in mental health and addiction services, we support 1,500 people annually.

Our Facilities 

  • two emergency shelters for individuals experiencing homelessness (Barry House  &  Metro Turning Point)

  • an affordable, supportive apartment complex for individuals who have experienced homelessness (The Rebuilding)

  • an affordable, supportive living environment dedicated to individuals who have experienced chronic homelessness and who have a long history of  Alcohol Use Disorder (Herring Cove Apartments)

  • two community residential facilities for individuals making the change from correctional facilities to community living (Nehiley House & Sir Sandford Fleming House)

Our Community Support Programs

The Hub: Housing support, diversion and community resources, access to basic services

Call: 902-229-2692


Our Community Trustee Program serves over 200 people, providing clients with financial literacy and support like budgeting etc.  


Our Housing Support Program provides one-on-one support for individuals moving from shelter living to community.  

In recognition of the 20th anniversary of National Housing Day (November 22, 2020) shelter providers Adsum for Women & Children, Out of the Cold Community Association, Phoenix Youth Programs and Shelter Nova Scotia have jointly issued a statement on the current state of housing in our community.

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