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Lock-down has forced us to temporarily halt Adopt-a-Meal, leaving some of the folks we serve hungry. Please consider donating to our wish list.

Shelter Nova Scotia's COVID Response

Thursday, May 13, 2021

After a scheduled asymptomatic testing at Metro Turning Point on Tuesday, May 11, one guest tested positive for COVID-19. As a result, we have moved all guests & employees of Metro Turning Point to a hotel, so they can safely isolate. We have also temporarily closed Metro Turning Point until at least May 25 at 11:59 p.m. Everyone staying at Metro Turning Point, as well as employees, were tested again and so-far there has only been that one positive test. We are blessed to have our own Public Health team assigned to us. We are grateful to so many right now.  


Our Central Office (Cunard Street) is still closed, with employees working from home. All our other facilities/programs do remain open with restricted access as we follow COVID protocols to assure the utmost safety for our employees and the individuals we serve. Our volunteer-led Adopt-a-Meal program remains closed and more than ever we are asking for monetary donations that enable us to provide quality care & comfort to our clients, guests, tenants and residents. We will get through this, and as Dr. Strang stated, "lock arms Nova Scotia and stay strong."  

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Seeing Through - One Community, Many Faces

Shelter Nova Scotia is grateful for the support we receive from local businesses and our donor community. Because you support us, we can support our clients, residents, tenants and guests. If you have any corporate partnership or third party fundraising ideas to share please reach out. Together we can do more.