We can learn a valuable lesson from Driver’s Ed class


Do you remember those Driver’s Ed classes in high school when the instructor told you to look where you want to go?

The premise is, when driving, you should look where you want to go, not at what you’re trying to avoid. When looking at what you’re trying to avoid, your brain tends to tell your hands to steer towards it. An example in this video talks about a deer running out in front of your car. If you focus on the deer rather than the road ahead, you stand a better chance of hitting the deer. Instead, instructors will tell you to look further down the road at where you want to be.

Doesn’t it make sense to apply this principle to other things in life? Think about everything that’s going on in Halifax right now. Some examples include the work on the Cogswell St. interchange, the review of the Roundtable on Violence Report, new multi-use developments downtown, work on transit and traffic flow, rebranding, etc., etc.

Some say this is a perfect storm for opportunity in our community. I’m one of them. Still many others, however, are so focused on the deer they can’t see the road ahead.

My challenge to you is to look ahead at where we want to be and work together to get there. Don’t spend all your time focusing on the obstacles and you’ll get further ahead.


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