Nehiley House Accessibility Project: Reducing Barriers to Success

Transitioning from crisis to community is a challenge for anyone struggling through it. For someone with physical challenges and mobility issues, there can be even more barriers to success. New, upcoming changes to Nehiley House are designed to address those concerns.

We are pleased to announce The Nehiley House Accessibility Project, made possible through a financial contribution from the Correctional Service of Canada. The initiative will add an accessible room and washroom to the house, install a front entry lift, and relocate and update the kitchen. The area will be widened, and new counters installed at a lower, accessible height.

Corrections is an important pillar in the areas Shelter Nova Scotia serves. We believe in supporting people in a non-judgmental environment while promoting compassion and dignity to provide housing support while people transition from institutions back to community life. We strive to ensure that each resident has access to the services they require – sometimes “providing access” means we need to improve basic accessibility in our own houses.

“Our residents face enough barriers coming back into the community,” says Shelter’s Director of Community Corrections Darlene Lunn. “Getting in your own front door shouldn’t be one of them.”

The lift and accessible facilities will increase capacity and potentially be life changing for someone needing a housing placement. “People often can't be released if they have mobility issues, due to the lack of available space. This will give those incarcerated and ready for day release an ability to be in the community,” says Darlene.

The project is expected to be completed by March 31, 2022.

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