To the employees of Shelter Nova Scotia, thank you for playing to your strengths and putting forward your best effort every single day. You inspire with your compassion.

To our colleagues at the Department of Community Services, thank you for being a solutions-based and passionate partner. Working with you is a real pleasure.

To Correctional Service Canada, thank you for being champions for the vitally important work of Community Corrections. Together, we’re making an impact.

To the board of directors, thank you for your stewardship, strategic guidance and high level of caring. The doors you open and insights you share keep us moving forward.

To Flemming Charitable Foundation, Halifax Assistance Fund , 100 Men Who Give a Damn thank you for funding our projects.

To FEED NOVA SCOTIA, thank you for your partnership. What you’re doing to help is very, very important. To all of those who Adopt A Meal, and The Sandwich Club who finance, prepare and donate food so that the people who stay with us are able to eat where they live, not being hungry allows people to make better decisions.

To Addiction Prevention Treatment Services, thank you for your willingness to step in and help.

The Board of Directors would like to thank the law firm BOYNECLARKE for the generous pro bono assistance provided to the Board in 2016 in relation to its review of governance related matters.

To Patti Melanson and the team at MOSH, thank you for the compassionate care and gentle kindness you extend tirelessly to so many people. You and your team are amazing.

To Meghan Laing, thank you for Halifax Connects. Your leadership in the community is extraordinary and makes a powerful difference in so many lives.

To our hundreds of suppliers, thank you for keeping your pencils sharp and allowing us to receive the best value for every dollar we spend.

To our many friends, we thank you for choosing to share your talent, experience, passion and money. As each of you opens your heart to the dreams of the men and women we serve, know that your commitment to helping is important and makes a positive impact on individuals facing enormous obstacles.

And to the men and women who come to us each day for help, thank you for trusting and believing in us. It is our humble and distinct honour to serve you.