Our Vision
A community without judgement where everyone has a safe, affordable home.

Our Mission

While providing a safe place to stay for those in need, Shelter Nova Scotia seeks to grow an effective continuum of services to help people transition from crisis back to community.

Our Values
We are fiscally responsible and strive to achieve a level of financial stability that provides for ongoing quality programs and services responsive to the needs of the people we serve.

Respect & Integrity
We demonstrate a high degree of integrity and respect in our decision-making and all activities.

Community Awareness (Sensitivity)
We maintain an awareness of, and sensitivity to, the communities we serve. We believe in the principle of the protection of the worth, dignity, and rights of all people.

Responsibility & Accountability
We accept responsibility for our decisions and actions. We are accountable for the effective and efficient use of resources.

When possible and appropriate, we partner with the community and/or other organizations/agencies to enhance programs and services.

Quality Performance
We monitor and evaluate programs, services and processes and implement quality improvement measures to ensure high performance levels.

Knowledge & Experience
We optimize employee growth through our commitment to ongoing learning and development.