Why building relationships with businesses matters.

Organizations like Dexter Construction, Killam Properties and IPOANS are making a difference for those experiencing homelessness.  Why is building relationships with business partners so important for Shelter Nova Scotia? Our annual fundraising and awareness campaign took place on Sept. 27th on the lawn of the Halifax Regional Police station. More than 35 people spent the night ‘s...

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Diamonds in the rough

  In today's blog, Michelle, our House Director at Sir Sanford Fleming House, recounts her story about a recent experience with her clients helping to change lives: I wonder if I saw a diamond, before it had gone through the process to make it look like a diamond if I would recognize it fo...

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We can learn a valuable lesson from Driver’s Ed class

  Do you remember those Driver’s Ed classes in high school when the instructor told you to look where you want to go? The premise is, when driving, you should look where you want to go, not at what you’re trying to avoid. When looking at what you’re trying to avoid, your brain tends to tell your hands to steer towards it. An example in Read "We can learn a valuable lesson from Driver’s Ed class"

Be a social includer

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of taking part in my first ever PechuKucha event at the Carleton in Halifax. When first contacted and asked to take part, I was told the theme for the event was ‘resilience.’ I thought to myself “what could I possibly have to talk about on this the...

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Glass half full approach – the challenge

Social media gives people an unfiltered voice for what’s on their minds. This is both a blessing and a curse. Many of us tend to use it as an opportunity to rant about something that’s bothering us or ticks us off. The positive side of that is it gives you a chance to vent, which can be therapeutic. On the downside, negativity begets negativity. The more exposure to everyone else’s negati...

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