Wouldn’t it be great if the world was like that?

This week Terra, our House Director of Barry House, recounts her experience with Mud Hero this past weekend and what drove her to finish:

Where did these bruises come from?  Oh, I earned them. I’m about 30% bruise right now. On Saturday I was a participant in a race you may have been reading about called Mud Hero. It was 6k and 16 obstacles, and it was super-hot!

Sometime in March, Michelle MacRae casually asked me if I wanted to do Mud Hero with her and so I said yes, clearly not really knowing what I was in for. To gain more info I consulted Google and rapidly reconsidered my initial enthusiastic agreement. This wasn’t going to be easy. I guess some of the things that are really “worth it” aren’t.

I haven’t really ever run before. I was the kid in gym class that “forgot” their gym clothes during track and field and managed to typically just avoid it otherwise at all cost. I worked at a camp for kids and on the rare occasion that one would run away, I would call behind them to watch out for bears because I wasn’t running after them. But Michelle didn’t just ask me to run a race, she asked me to do Mud Hero for Shelter Nova Scotia. This was something I just couldn’t turn down, even though I maybe should have.

I was motivated by my colleagues; the hundreds of people utilizing our services every day, and the thousands that we’ve helped who I know no longer need our services.

The obstacles varied from moderate to dangerous, gross to fun. It was an experience I will never forget.  We literally crawled through mud and got dirtier than ever imaginable. People lost their shoes in the mud and just kept on going. We jumped off walls and climbed over them.

Some dude I didn’t even know pulled me out of a tunnel when I was crawling on my belly through it out of a mud puddle and up a hill. I had shouted out to my sister, “I don’t think I can do this”, and they guy yelled “yes you can, grab my hand” and pulled me out and kept on going, I never even saw his face. When I was struggling and my sister thought I needed a boost over a wall at the over/under obstacle, she (5’4’) yelled for me (5’10’) to “stand on (her) back!!” and actually got down on her hands and knees! I said I didn’t need her help and hauled myself over the wall but it was her selfless offer alone that gave me enough strength to get over it.

People who were complete strangers high-fived each other; whether it was for celebration or encouragement. We chanted as we all struggled up Martock Mountain.

People who needed help got it without question and without even having to ask for it in many cases. Wouldn’t it be great if the world was like that?

Our team of runners committed to doing this because we want to make that happen. We  raised about $10,000 as a team for Shelter Nova Scotia. We want the resources to be there for people who need it.

It was an awesome challenge, tremendous experience and hilarious time. I didn’t shatter any records finishing but I met my goal to finish and was greeted by our team at the end. It took me over two hours. That sucked, but I thought about the new mom being discharged from the hospital to Barry House as she fled an unsafe situation with her brand new baby; about the man at Turning Point who was too proud to ask for another blanket after being outside for several days and eventually came in on an “extreme cold” day; the residents at Nehiley House and Fleming and our Re-building who’re just trying to get a fresh start.

When I finally finished, I was elated! Our team was kind enough to wait for me and we all took pictures of our new mud slathered Mud Hero personas and then went our separate ways.

I went home and showered washed all of my filthy clothes and thought about my clean start.

Don’t we all deserve that? The Shelter Nova Scotia Mud Heroes believe we do.

Wow. That’s quite an experience Terra. Thanks for sharing and thank you and all the Shelter Nova Scotia Mud Heroes for working so hard to make a difference in the lives of the people who need it most.



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