Sometimes a risk must be taken

In an effort to provide better insight into the work at Barry House, I’d like to introduce you to one of our clients, Kate, whose name has been changed to protect her privacy.

Kate has stayed at Barry House off and on for several years. She hasn’t lived in her own home for nearly four years. Over the years, Kate has experienced many forms of victimization and stigma. In the past, her behavior; untreated mental illness and addictions, has put her in vulnerable positions and created barriers to her obtaining an apartment.

Staff at Barry House, along with other community supporters, worked together to advocate for Kate to obtain an apartment. This demonstrated the power of community collaboration. Kate didn’t present well to potential landlords in that she had poor credit and rental history.

The caring staff at Barry House connected with one potential landlord, who expressed that he was considering Kate’s application, but was admittedly unsure about whether to rent an apartment to her. This created the opportunity for dialogue about the need for stable housing, and the stigma and realities surrounding mental illness.  In the end, the landlord agreed to rent to Kate, and to-date, she’s still housed in this apartment. Kate is an example of the fact that everyone deserves an opportunity to make a change in their lives, and that sometimes, a risk must be taken in order to provide that chance.

I’d like to applaud the staff at Barry House for going the extra mile to make a difference in people’s lives, the landlord for taking a chance and most of all Kate, for persevering when things were bleak.

This is but one example of the success which can be achieved with the right supports in place and community members willing to take a chance on someone.

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