Should we restore to factory settings?

A friend of mine purchased a used smart phone the other day and asked how to restore it to factory settings. This, as you know, erases all the personal ‘baggage’ from the previous owner and returns the phone to its original state.

This conversation got me thinking, wouldn’t it be great if we could restore community attitudes to the factory settings? You see, this was  the same day when, within a block of each other, two people walked out in front of my car and if I wasn’t paying attention I would have hit them. Years ago the odd person may do this, but it was usually the ‘hood’ with an attitude, trying to make a point. Now it’s common place. In fact, the first person who walked in front of me was a young woman in a crosswalk, but she had a red light and I a green. The second was also a young woman, with headphones on, walking across  the street mid-block. In both cases they looked at me with disdain as if daring me not to stop.

I can’t let drivers off the hook. I was a police officer for thirty-five years and it wasn’t that long ago that a red light meant stop. Oh, sure, there was the odd driver who tried to slip through after the light turned red but now it seems a light turning red means it’s time for at least three more cars to continue through the intersection, quite often putting other drivers and pedestrians at risk. I also see drivers blasting through crosswalks while a pedestrian waits to cross as if they’re more important than the pedestrian.

How did we get here? How can we reset our attitudes to factory setting to bring us back to a time when we had enough respect for each other not to walk out in front of a moving car or continue through a red light with no consideration for others?


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