Glass half full approach – the challenge

Social media gives people an unfiltered voice for what’s on their minds. This is both a blessing and a curse.

Many of us tend to use it as an opportunity to rant about something that’s bothering us or ticks us off. The positive side of that is it gives you a chance to vent, which can be therapeutic. On the downside, negativity begets negativity. The more exposure to everyone else’s negative comments the more likely we are to look at our world through a negative lens.

I’m not suggesting we shouldn’t be critical or challenge the status quo. Critical thinking is essential. I do feel, however, that a barrage of negative posts are not necessarily making a positive difference in any of the situations we tend to complain about.

What if we were to shift our minds’ focus from the negative behavior that bothers us to the positive behavior we would appreciate?


My challenge to you: For 48 hours, post only positive comments on your social media channels in places where you would tend to post negative remarks. As an example, if a driver failed to signal a turn and it affected your driving decision, instead of posting that you, ‘hate it when drivers don’t signal,’ try posting something like, ‘I really appreciate it when drivers use their signal light.’

It would be interesting to see if we can reverse the negative trend and cause the modeling of positivity to beget positivity.


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