On May 14, 2012 our 19-unit apartment building opened to people making the transition from shelter living to community living.

Currently, The Rebuilding is an affordable, supported living apartment complex for people identifying as male. Guided by Housing First principles, our tenants are provided the opportunity to start anew by moving into their own rental apartment, complete with individualized support.

After opening the building, a contest to name it was held with our new tenants. The winning submission, The Rebuilding, was selected for what it represents. The tenant chose this name because they are ‘rebuilding’ their lives. This was very insightful on his part.

The Rebuilding

100-5506 Cunard Street
Halifax, NS B3K 1C2
Phone: 902.406.3630
Fax: 902.406.3652
House Manager
Samantha Libbus