Be a social includer

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of taking part in my first ever PechuKucha event at the Carleton in Halifax.

When first contacted and asked to take part, I was told the theme for the event was ‘resilience.’ I thought to myself “what could I possibly have to talk about on this theme.” Then I began to think of the resilience of our Shelter Nova Scotia clients and how they are able to persevere, which I guess is what resilience is all about.

I agreed to participate and then learned my presentation could only involve slides shown for 20 seconds each and, I had to provide a descriptor of myself for my introduction in 1-3 words! I came up with ‘social includer’ because I choose to see the person first, not their situation.


The night turned out to entertaining and eye opening as I listened to thoughts on resilience from several perspectives. I recommend taking in a PechaKucha event if you ever get the chance.

The presentation I gave encouraged others to join me in becoming a social includer. Please take a moment to view the presentation here and let me know of ways people can join me in my social includer status.


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